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在生命中,人來人往 誰也不能告訴你,誰會能夠與你到達終點 我們只能夠做的是,相信自己,放開一切,接受當下 曾經的日子,永遠在心中 宇宙不會為了個人而停頓,大家也要一起加油 畢竟我們只活一次,大家也要好好享受自己的人生 或許,某年某日,大家會再次遇上❤️

In our life, people are coming and going No one can tell who will reach the end with you together We can only believe in ourselves, let go for all, accept the moment All memories will always in our heart The Universe will not come to a halt for personal, we have to move forward together We need to enjoy life as we only live once Perhaps we will encounter again in someday ❤️